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Michele Singer,

Founder and Lead Designer

I absolutely love working with my clients.  Your home should be your haven - the place you recharge, plan, dream, and make great memories  I listen to both what you say and what you don’t to turn your ideas into reality. 


My passion is helping clients create their own sanctuary with a variety of textures that are both visually inviting and comfortable to the touch. My favorite style is one that honors trends, and reflects your personal style, defying the ebbs and flows of changing trends for long lasting appeal.


I feed my soul with interior design every waking moment.  I am the crazy lady you see taking pictures of a restaurant or feeling the texture of a wall, drape, or chair in a public space.


In this day of DIY, HGTV, and online purchasing, homeowners can be inundated with images and sticker shock.  I am here to help you figure out where to begin and simplify your selections while creating a cohesive design within your budget.

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